In Natura
The album "In Natura" by Jonny M sets a new limit for german reggae. The happy way of the young singer spends energy and makes this work an important milestone. The Cover was crafted by recycled paper and for every sold album he spends 1€ to the Madamfo Ghana e.V..

Musically, this album is 100% roots reggae, a collection of calm and positive texts- even when inbetween are some revolutionary songs like "Bildet Banden". In total we can say the following: Positive vibes, positive texts and and much groove- Reggae 2.0!
  • 01. Niemand Buy
  • 02. #PerfekteWelt Buy
  • 03. Kann es sein Buy
  • 04. Bildet Banden Buy Video
  • 05. Der Buddhist Buy
  • 06. Bis der Wind dann kommt Buy
  • 07. Keine Lust Buy
  • 08. Endstadium Buy
  • 09. Die Germanen Buy
  • 10. Gute Laune Buy
  • 11. Silber Buy