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Lingo Mess

Ever since my last Esperanto album Kreaktiva, I've been wondering if i should make a multilingual album.

My listeners from Germany often say "I do not understand your lyrics, but the music is cool". Why they say this? After all, most won't understand the lyrics of Ai Se Eu Te Pego or Despacito either. Foreign languages don't seem to be a problem for summer hits.
There are also Esperanto speakers who are literaly allergic to other languages. However, I wonder if these representatives are really the majority or just screaming loudest.

Chinese is not an option yet
Chinese is not an option yet
I'd like to produce an album in many languages. German, Esperanto, English, Spanish... For me, language is just another part of a song's art style. The best case would be, that i can make a big part of my listeners happy - In worst case everybody is kinda disappointed.

What do you think? Do you prefer albums in one language or would you be interested in a multilingual album? Give me feedback by commenting this blog or on Facebook, Twitter and stuff!


Jonas Marx

Ich mache einen kleinen test!

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