From homestudio to Indonesia - a good way to describe the career of reggae pop singer Jonny M. Beginning in a small studio in his own room, he published the album „In Natura“ in 2014, a reggae album with critical, partly personal and fun lyrics in german. The call for change is not an arbitrary slogan at all, because the cover is made of recycled carton and one euro each CD is donated to the aid project „Madamfo Ghana e.V.“.

The publication followed a little tour, and some newspaper reports such as the one at Kölner Stadtanzeiger. The passion for experimenting with languages led the singer to the artificial language Esperanto. With this language he gave shows across Europe, Japan and Brasil. Three years after „In Natura“, the double album „Kreaktiva“ appeared in Esperanto. It was followed by a tour through Europe - and in march 2016 even to Indonesia. A camera crew of the show „Faktenchecker“ also accompanied him at a show in Freiburg.

Since then, Jonny M is working on a new album. In which language will the songs be this time? Time will tell!