The new album "Kreaktiva" published on 3th january

The 3th january 2017 it's finally done- the third album of the well known reggae artist comes after a creative break. 14 new songs, inter alia collaborations with La Perdita Generacio, Dolchamar and j O m O.

Danceable rhytms, deep lyrics and catchy melodies await you. The song "Ni estas fortaj" already made the people dance at tho shows in indonesia, the song "Por mia patro" is a song dedicated to the father of Jonny M and "Ribeluloj" with Dolchamar critisises the capitalist system and it's resulting social issues.

Jonny M was touring through many countries and with this work he is going to travel again. Since 2006, this young sympathic man is serving his fans in esperanto, german and english.

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Live Shows
  • 03.09.2016
    BeNeLukse, Belgium
  • 02.01.2017
    "JES" in Waldheim at the Brahmsee
  • 03.01.2017 Website Tickets
    LUMINESK', Kleve
  • 13.04.2017 Website Tickets
    PSI in Essen
  • 20.05.2017 Website
    Reggae Festival Schüttorf
  • 04.06.2017
    GEK in Freiburg
  • 21.07.2017 Website
    SES in Slovakia
  • 05.08.2017 Website Tickets
    IJK Togo
  • 24.08.2017 Website
    Reggae Night Cologne with Superjam
  • 23.09.2017 Website Tickets
    ARKONES Festival
  • 25.11.2017
    25 Years Esperanto Hameln
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