09.10.2015 - Cup & new ways
Last weekend i had the big honour to win the first song contest of the hamburg's esperanto club! Thank you again for the crowd, who was also the jury.

Now i will work again for the new album. Who wants to be always on the bleeding edge can follow my blog (in esperanto):
04.09.2015 - The shows in the summer are done!
This year, Jonny M gave concerts in spain, france and of course germany.

Especially great was the esperanto shows in Lille and Wiesbaden- in both cases it was a nice crowd and the stage was rocked!

And now, a new album wants to be produced... ;)

Photo: Max Schmidt
07.03.2015 - Two new videos published
We have published two new videos in the last weeks, one was for the song "Mastroj de l'diskej'" and the other for "Bildet Banden".

The first one appeared on the esperanto album "Regestilo" from the year 2013, the other song was published in november last year, when the new german album "In Natura" hit the market.

Share the videos, if you like them!

Click here to watch the videoclips
24.02.2015 - Zeit für Vibes- New Page!
For bringing the "Zeit für Vibes"-Compilations a bit more to public, we created a special page for it.

2010 and 2012 produced by Jonny M and friends and brought to the internet for free, it shows german not-known and well-known reggae artists.

17.01.2015 - Nice start
Jonny M had a nice start in the new year. First i had a show at 29.12. in Weisswasser, then one week ago there was published a very positive article at the page GLAktuell- great!

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At the moment, Jonny M is working after a break for a new esperanto album. We're looking forward to the new year. You can find live shows in the section "Live Dates" to the right. So see you soon- we wish you a great new year!
20.09.2014 - Back to the Roots: german Album "In Natura"
There you are! The young artist is back in german after his tour of esperanto. The new album "In natura" (naturally/in person) gives a new idea of german reggae. His own, lovely and happy kind spends energy and makes you feel a good mood. Same time, he have deep lyrics on this album.

Reggae 2.0- that's what Jonny M calls his own style. 11 fresh, new songs plus a recycled DigiPack, 1 euro will be given for a social project in africa... Not just pray: do it yourself- that's his slogan.
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23.08.2014 - New album is coming soon!
The new album "In Natura" from Jonny M sets a new spot in german reggae history. The happy way of the young singer spends energy and makes this album to an important work.

There he is again! After his vacation in esperantoland, the young artist comes back in german. Positive vibes, positive texts and much groove- Reggae 2.0!

Publishing: 20th september 2014.
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Live Dates
Show at "VEA" in Valencia

Show at the "UK" in Lille

"IJK" in Wiesbaden
"FAME" & german Esperanto-library celebrations in Aalen

"IJK" in Brazil
"SES" in Martín, Slowakia

"FESTO" in Amikejo, Belgium